Turbo Car Body Kit: Expensive Ways to Boost Your Engine

Adding a turbo car body kit to your performance car can boost your engine performance, but at an initial cost ranging from $700 to over $2,000. Learn more below about how these kits help your car perform faster and more effectively.


Parts of a Turbo Car Body Kit

The car body kit can include a hood scoop, rear deck spoiler, a carbon fiber diffuser, venturi gills for the rear bumper and rocker moldings for under the car doors. All these parts help lighten the car's weight by replacing metal parts, and increase the down force so your car hugs the road. Both of these improvements boost your car's performance and handling. Some kits also include fog lamps to enhance your road view at night, and window louvers, which help keep the car temperature cooler in summer weather.


Installing a Turbo Car Body Kit

Prefit the parts to your car before repainting to match the existing finish. If you prefer, you can have the entire car repainted after installing the car body kit for the best appearance. Expect to pay another $1,500 to $2,000 for a professional full body paint application.


Total Cost

With installation and full repainting, your cost to boost your car's performance will be between $2,200 and $4,000.