Care Tips for a Real Turf Landscape Care Tips for a Real Turf Landscape

Everyone loves the look of a great lawn, but maintaining such a lawn is not always easy. Those great looking lawns are actually the result of months of hard work and painstaking effort, as well as knowledge of proper turf care. Maintaining such a landscape need not be difficult, but it is important to understand the special care needs of such lawns.

Watering the Lawn

The lawn should be watered only enough to replace the moisture that is lost due to evaporation. It is best to make this watering heavy and infrequent instead of shallow and often. A periodic deep watering will provide a much better result than watering the lawn a little bit every day.

It is best to water the lawn early in the morning in order to give the water time to penetrate fully into the ground. Watering during hot periods is to be avoided, since evaporation is highest during these periods. It is important for the water you apply to soak into the lawn and not evaporate before reaching the roots.

Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the lawn is also an important part of turf care, and in many ways mowing the lawn properly is as important as watering the grass the right way. When mowing the lawn, it is important not to cut the grass more than one third of the length of the blade.

That is because the root system will not develop well if the lawn is cut too closely. When cutting the grass it is acceptable to leave the cuttings on the grass instead of removing it. This will provide the lawn with additional nutrients and help to provide a lush, green lawn you can be proud of.

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