Turn Old Bifold Doors into a New, Colorful Headboard

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Paint roller or brush
Screw driver or drill
5 different paint colors
Painters putty
Painters tape
Heavy duty double stick Velcro
3 bifold doors (1 1/2 sets)

Creating a headboard from bifold doors is a cost effective and unique idea to bring style to any bedroom. The design featured below is a modern and colorful look that will make a focal point out of any size bed. This is a simple project that requires just a few tools and materials to get you started.

Step 1: Choose the Right Doors

You can use old bifold closet doors for this project to maximize your budget. If you don’t have any old doors lying around, you can easily purchase them at your local home improvement store for around $30. Three doors will be needed to create a full size head board. You will also need to choose doors with a flat back side to give a modern look to this design.

Step 2: Prepare the Bifold Doors

Start by flipping each door over to the back side. It’s important to use the back because it has a flat surface. Grab your drill or your screw driver, whichever you prefer, and remove the hinges from the doors. With a putty knife you will use painter’s putty to fill in the holes.

Step 3: First Round of Painting

As you begin this step you will need to choose your lightest colors for the base. Choose two different coordinating colors. The first blocks of color do not need to be taped off; you will simply paint 2 to 3 large blocks of your base color choices. Be sure to leave negative space between each block of color for taping. Allow time for paint to fully dry before beginning the fourth step.

Step 4: Taping a Pattern

After the first round of paint has completely dried, you can begin the taping process. You will need to tape off different sizes of thin to thick lines down the entire space of the door. Do not give much thought about tape placement; it can be done in random order. Taping randomly allows the modern look we are developing to really be defined.

Step 5: Second Round of Painting

After taping a random pattern, you can begin the final phase of painting. Using your last three chosen paint colors begin filling in the stripes you taped off. Once you have completed painting each stripe you can pull the tape off. Make sure that the paint is still somewhat wet when pulling it off, this will keep you from ripping off the paint with the tape.

Step 6: Hanging the Headboard

Place several strips of heavy duty double stick Velcro on your doors. A small piece on the top and bottom should hold sufficiently. This will allow you to easily place the doors on the wall centered above your bed.

That is it. You have successfully completed a modern headboard from bifold doors. Take a step back and admire the hard work and beautiful design you have created.