Turn Old Hangers Into A Metal Trellis

There are many ways to make a garden metal trellis that is inexpensive and still provides visual interest and function for your garden or patio. One of the ways is to recycle old metal hangers to create a simple garden trellis on which you can hang plants or other items.

Ways to Use Hanger Trellis

Although the metal wire that is used on old hangers is not very thick, it can be used for a trellis that has a rustic and interesting look in your garden or patio area. If you enjoy funky or whimsy in your garden, hang wind chimes, small garden planters or glass balls or even interesting holiday ornaments from the trellis.

Essentially, when you make a trellis out of old hangers, it can be used to train lightweight plants or it can be used to hang other items. The trellis works as a functional structure for other items. If you have a patio or balcony area that you would like to screen off for privacy, you can use a metal trellis that is made of old hangers as an easy and inexpensive way to create your own screened off area. By training plants like jasmine, bougainvillea or trumpet vines to grow up the trellis you can have your own private fragrant sanctuary on the balcony.

Building the Trellis

When you make a trellis out of old metal hangers, you will first need to have a frame to place the hangers on as you are building. You can make a frame out of basic 2x4 beams that are cut to size and then nailed together to form a rectangle. Place nails or screws along the sides and top of the frame so that you can attach the hangers to the frame.

You can either leave the hangers as they are and allow them to rust to create a rustic weathered appearance or you will need to spray a protective coating of rust protection on them before placing them on the trellis frame. You can purchase rust protection spray at any hardware or home improvement center.

Once you have the frame completed, stand it up and begin weaving the hangers onto the frame. Start by placing hangers by their hooks along the edge of the frame. Then slowly begin to weave additional hangers into the center of the trellis by attaching the hook of the hanger at the point where two hangers above it meet. This will create a woven pyramid affect that will provide the framework for clinging plants and vines. As you connect the hooks, use pliers to bend the hooks back and twist them back on the hanger so that they will be firmly attached and not slip off to destroy all of your work.

Once you have all of the hangers woven into your trellis, stand it up and decide where you are going to place it. Stand it in place and then begin weaving plants in it or hanging decorative items.