Turn Your Basement Into a Guest Bedroom: Getting Started

  • 400-600 hours
  • Advanced
  • 10,000-100,000
What You'll Need
Light fixtures
Cleaning supplies
Construction tools
False flooring system

Turning the basement into a guest bedroom is a great idea if you want to accommodate guests in your home. Remember that since this job includes some remodeling, it may take as long as three to six months or even more; therefore, ensure you have all the time needed before you start working.

Step 1 - Clean the Basement

Remove any objects and other belongings you have stored inside the basement before cleaning it. Find an alternative and safe location to temporarily hold the objects while you are renovating. Use cleaning supplies to clean the basement’s walls and floor.

Step 2 - Call a Home Contractor

two men talking

Call a home contractor to help you remodel the basement in order to turn it into a bedroom. Do not forget to ask the contractor essential questions such as whether it is necessary to install insulation and build a drop ceiling. Another question to ask the contractor is the cost of cutting holes in the wall for windows.

Create a plan for everything you want to ask your contractor and make sure that all is clear at the close of the meeting. Ask the contractor for advice about building a floor platform which is elevated from the ground level of the basement. Do so because moisture will not cause damage if you have this type of raised floor platform.

Step 3 - Install the Windows

Choose the material of the frame before you start installing replacement or new windows. You can choose from a wide variety of materials such as wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Remember that fiberglass and vinyl do not need maintenance, whereas wood requires much of it.

You can also choose aluminum as your window frame material, but it is very expensive. Keep in mind that fiberglass is the most durable choice, whereas vinyl is the most economic material. Vinyl is appropriate if you are on a tight budget. In case you want to paint the windows, aluminum and wood are both very good for painting.

Step 4 - Construct the Partition Walls

Framed in walls

Select an area for the guest bedroom to be and surround it with partition walls. Build the partition walls of your guest bedroom by using drywall and wooden boards. The wood will comprise the frame of the partition walls, and you can join the boards together with nails. Then install the drywall or mold-resistant wallboard on it.

Step 5 - Install Light Fixtures

Decide what lights are the most appropriate for your new guest bedroom. You can choose from recessed lighting, chandeliers, and many other options. Drill holes in the wall to wire and install the lights; you need to drill holes to install electric power outlets and connections for cable and telephones as well.