How to Turn Your Basement Into a Guest Bedroom Part 2

What You'll Need
Drop ceiling
Floor covering

It takes quite a bit of work to transform a basement into a guest bedroom as you want it. You’ll need to finish the walls, construct a closet, and install both a ceiling and a floor covering, among other things. If you do everything correctly, your new bedroom should look great.

Step 1 - Finishing the Walls

Keep in mind that your new guest bedroom is partitioned; therefore, you will have both actual walls and partition walls. Apply primer to the drywall partition walls first. Primer will prepare the drywall for painting. Paint the walls according to your preferences. If you’d like, you can apply coats of paint instead of one coat of primer and one coat of paint. Apply the primer or paint to the new bedroom walls with a roller or paintbrush.

Step 2 - Building a Drop Ceiling

You most likely do not have a finished basement; therefore, your won’t have a ceiling. Without a ceiling, both the wiring and the plumbing are visible. You can conceal the wiring and plumbing by installing a drop ceiling.

Step 3 - Installing Additional Lighting

Install additional lighting to illuminate your guest bedroom, which was originally a dark basement. Lighting features to consider include recessed lights, overhead lights, and track lights. Run the wires of the light fixtures and fix them securely within ceiling.

Step 4 - Attaching Baseboard Trim

Now it is time to attach baseboard trim at the lower edges of your bedroom walls. Baseboard trim has two main purposes. The first is to give the room a finished appearance; the second is to act as a protective shield for the walls when you install the carpeting to cover the floor.

Your local home improvement store will have a variety of baseboard trim styles. You can purchase either the finished, or the unfinished types. Baseboard trim can be finished with several stains including mahogany and oak. In order to save some money, it is better if you buy unfinished baseboard trim and then finish it yourself.

Step 5 - Covering the Flooring

There are many ways to cover the floor of a guest bedroom. Begin the ceiling work on after completing not only the ceiling, but also the walls. Some people prefer to cover the floor with vinyl or tile because they protect the floor against exposure to water.

Other people prefer to install carpeting or laminate flooring. If you decide to cover the floor with carpeting, you can purchase it in squares. Carpet squares are much easier to install; moreover, if one of the squares is damaged, you can replace it with a new one.

Step 6 - Furnishing the Room

Start furnishing the guest bedroom with a bed, a computer, and an office desk. Of course you’ll need a television set and a small refrigerator. You can construct a closet with wooden boards, sliding mirror doors, and hinges. You can purchase the boards and doors at at a local home improvement store. Install organizers and shelving in the closet after you have finished building it.