Turning a Mudroom into a Fun Beach Room

What You'll Need
Stencils or tracing paper
Rubber gloves
Beach print fabric
Indoor bench or furniture
Bright towels
Large plastic drop cloth
Laundry Basket
Pencil for drawing
Beach-y CDs and CD Player

If you are tired of your home's mudroom and all that goes with it—whether wet shoes, muddy boots and dirty pets, think about turning that same old mudroom into a lively beach room with a beach-y theme. You can be creative and transform an ordinary mudroom where you launder clothes or step out of dirty boots into a place where the entire family can kick back. With a few easy steps and some inspiration, it is easy to bring the calmness of a tropical vacation indoors.

Being on Vacation

If you like being on vacation, consider creating a room in the home that feels like you haven't left the island. This space may make you feel as if you still are in the tropics. Whether it is adding bushy plants, special furniture or painting a fresh tropical scene on the bare walls, a beach-themed ambiance is a unique way to turn an ordinary mudroom into something much more. Here’s how to turn a mudroom into a beach room in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Stencil

Think about stenciling or drawing free-hand a tropical scene on the walls complete with palm trees, birds, the sun and water. Once you have placed your drawings, fill them in with bright paint.

Step 2: Add Hooks

Place sturdy or fun plastic hooks on the walls to hang up discarded clothing or wet bathing suits. You can hang them in a line or strategically, any way you see fit.

Step 3: Set Up Seating

Think about adding a cute wood bench or some form of seating in the room so family and guests can sit while changing. If you already have seating in the room, perhaps replace cushions with something new and bright or beach-y. Think about building materials such as bamboo and palm and fabric designs like flowers and shells.

Step 4: Storage

Clean out all mudroom cabinets and/or add cute storage bins to keep bathing suits and other related outdoor wear so family and guests don’t retreat to their bedrooms when rushing out of the house.

Step 5: Accessorize

Bring in colorful towels and hang from hooks or fold and place on countertops. Light beach-smelling candles on countertops and redo-window treatment with bright, fun beach patterned fabrics.

Step 6: Pick a Paint

Repaint walls a fun color to brighten up the room with shades in blues or yellow hues.

Step 7: Add Laundry Basket

Place a waterproof laundry basket under a cabinet to throw wet clothes or soiled clothes in. Keep in mind that this space still must work as a functional mudroom.

Step 8: Install Vacuum

Install a wall vacuum or electric broom vac that can be quickly accessed for any loose sand or dirt that gets spilled. You can also hang a dustpan and broom.

Step 9: Fun Furniture

Decorate with comfortable bamboo furnishings or wicker, and add patterned cushions for brightness and comfort. 

Step 10: Pipe in Music

Play beach-y music such as the Beach Boys or Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles" from a CD player, or install a TV and play surf videos to add even more tropical ambiance.