Turning Pillows into Rocking Chair Cushions

What You'll Need
1 king size bed pillow
Sewing kKit
Flat coat buttons

Rocking chair cushions can be made from many different materials, but the easiest method is probably to turn ordinary pillows into rocking chair cushions. Some pillows require no modification at all, and others could be made to be more weather resistant without giving up style or comfort. This article will present you with a simple method of turning pillows into rocking chair cushions, and even creating cushions that are suitable for use in an outdoor environment.

Step 1: Choosing Fabric

This project is to put a comfortable cushion on a child's wooden rocker, so the material needs to suit the child. Small children that might have accidents could do well to have a water-resistant material placed under the true cover. To do this, cut a piece of thin vinyl the same size as the fabric, and sew the the pieces flat together. The outer cover can then be any type of fabric you choose, from rough and tumble wool to the frilly pink satin of a princess.

Step 2: The Design

For simple rocking chair cushions, cut the fabric as wide as the pillow, and twice as long. Place the pillow on the seat of the rocking chair so that it is flush with the front of the seat, and bends to follow the back of the seat upward. Mark the place where the pillow creases with a marker. Fold the fabric in half, and sew the two edge seams, leaving the top open.

Step 3: The Crease

Sew the crease of the pillow to fit the child rocking chair. Use a consistent stitch across the seam so that the pillow is pulled into a foldable angle. Insert the pillow into the cover, and push it in so that it fits against the solid fold of the fabric. The pillow should fit tightly, but should not be bunched up in location. Smooth the fabric downward past the crease, and then sew the cover across the same crease so that it appears the pillow is two cushions, not one. Sew the final seam closed.

Step 4: Dimples

Space four matching coat buttons out on the seat of the cushion, and sew them in place. Repeat the process for the seat back. These buttons provide "dimpling" in the cushion, creating better support from the material of the pillow, and offering a more ergonomic support. For all intents, the pillow has been converted into a rocking chair cushion.

Step 5: Decorations

Add frilly trim, or sew on some decorative patches to give the cushion a unique personality. Craft centers will have an assortment of peel and stick patches as well, and while they may not adhere as well a sewn on patch, they are a quick and easy alternative to keep in mind. Only you and your child can decide the best way to decorate the chair, but there are many, many possibilities. You could even add embroidery or bead designs, if that is the route you wanted to take.