Turning Your Balcony Into a Mediterranean Paradise when Decorating with Terra Cotta Tile Turning Your Balcony Into a Mediterranean Paradise when Decorating with Terra Cotta Tile

What You'll Need
Terra cotta tiles, (number will depend on the size of the tiles, area that you want to cover and the size of your balcony)
Tape measure and chalk
Carpenters square
Adhesive and adhesive trowel
Tile spacers
Carpenters level
Stone cutting wheel
Eye protection
Presealer and sealer
A grout bag
Ladder, if you place the tiles on the walls
Table and chairs and cushions
Glazed pottery
Planters in matching colors
Other decorations (i.e. candles)

Terra cotta tiles are more and more used by designers both for the indoors and the outdoors, as these give a feeling of warmth. If you are looking to decorate your balcony, you may use terra cotta tiles to turn the space into a Mediterranean paradise. The tiles may be placed on the floor or on the walls of the balcony or on both areas.

Step 1 – Place the Tiles

Establish a starting point for placing the tiles, ideally in one of the corners of the balcony. Get the adhesive and apply this on the reverse of the first tile and press it against the wall. Do the same with the second tile, placing it next to the first tile, making your way in the direction you’ve established. Get tile spacers and place them between the tiles, to make sure there is an even space between these. Periodically level the tiles using a carpenter’s level.

Step 2 – Cut Tile Pieces

For the areas where 1 tile won’t fit, cut 1 tile into pieces using a stone cutting wheel. Don’t forget to protect your eyes while operating the cutting wheel. Use the tape measure to get the measurement right.

Step 3 – Add the Presealer and the Grout

The presealer can be added when the adhesive is dry. Apply the grout in the lines between the tiles. Press a metal pipe in the grout lines, so these will be curved in. Some will prefer to apply a sealer as well, which will make the tiles more resistant and prevent the occurrence of stains.

Step 4 – Place the Table and Chairs

When choosing the table and chairs for your balcony, bear in mind the terracotta color scheme. Get some cushions in matching colors.

Step 5 – Choose a Place for Plants

If you would like to add some plants on your balcony, you will have to choose the place where these plants should go. Make sure that the plants get the amount of light they require and get planters that fit into the Mediterranean décor.

Step 6 – Add the Other Decorations

Last but not least, you will need to add some finishing touches using some decorations. You can use some glazed pottery, making sure that the colors will match the palette of the balcony. Alternatively, you can get some candles, decorative rocks or textile ornaments, which can be hung on the walls of the balcony.

Keep the design of the balcony simple, so that it won’t look overcrowded. Opt for no more than 3 colors, so that the balcony will be a true Mediterranean paradise where you will be able to relax.

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