Build A TV Cabinet In 11 Easy Steps

For someone who is handy with tools, building a wooden TV cabinet can be a relatively easy and fun project. Plans are usually readily available at the local home repair store, or even from the library, but for many would be carpenters, it's much more fun to "figure it out" as you go along.

Preliminary Steps

Once you have made the decision to build a TV cabinet, the first things you should consider are:

  • dimensions of the TV
  • the dimensions that you want the TV cabinet to be
  • how much wood you are going to need

The Process

Once you have the preliminary information available you can start following the necessary steps to put your TV cabinet together:

  1. Pick up the necessary wood from the lumberyard or home improvement store. You are likely going to need flat boards for the cabinet itself, and plywood for the back.
  2. Pick up other necessary supplies such as paint or stain, screws and other hardware
  3. Measure and cut the wood so that you have the necessary pieces that you are going to put together. Remember that if you are going to place a large TV in the cabinet, you're going to have to add extra support underneath it, or the shelf will begin to sag.
  4. Cut holes in the back of the cabinet (the plywood) to allow for the cords to go through.
  5. Attach the shelf (or shelves) to the back of the cabinet making sure it is straight. Then attach the bottom support under the section where your TV will sit.
  6. Attach the sides, top and bottom to the back.
  7. If you want doors, then cut another piece of plywood the same size that you cut the back and attach it either as one solid piece, or you can cut it in half and attach to the cabinet using the hinges that you purchased.
  8. Attach the Legs.
  9. Create a stop for the doors by attaching edging. You can use hardware to keep the doors closed.
  10. Attach doorknobs.
  11. Paint or stain according to your preferences.