Two Advantages to Recycling Wastewater From the Humidifier to Water the Lawn

A humidifier.

One way to help the environment is to recycle wastewater. You can do this by using your wastewater from your humidifier to water the lawn. Below are the two main advantages of using wastewater to water outside.

1. Doesn't Need to Be Treated

Many homeowners may think that their wastewater, well, is just that: wastewater. In fact, the truth is that you can use it to water your lawn without even having to treat it. Wastewater does contain particles and some dirty debris, but it is very safe to say that your lawn can handle it. Rule of thumb is to use about a half-gallon of wastewater to every one square foot of your lawn.

Recycling wastewater for your lawn is a simple process. Take the treatment step and process out of it, and you have yet an even simpler way to do it.

2. Time and Money

Recycling your wastewater saves you both time and money. It saves you time by actually not needing to do anything but empty a container. Your humidifier is full of wastewater, so there is no need to find another container to fill up.

Running your sprinklers for hours making sure to hit each part of the lawn can become a bit expensive, not to mention water wasting. Before you dump out your humidifier water, step back and see where you could use it to benefit you the most.