Two Alternative Spa Covers

Spa covers are a must for every spa because they protect and insulate your spa.

Basic spa cover types

    1. A roll up type spa cover has some distinct advantages over the traditional spa cover. The main one is that it simply rolls up to be easily taken on and off. Roll up spa covers are rather thin and don't insulate well. However, they are very sturdy and will last a long time.
    2. Spa covers with good insulating values, and has a high R (heat transfer) rating will pay for itself in a few months with the energy that is saved when using it. Although it may need replaced more often than the roll-up type, the savings realized is worth the investment and it will keep your spa at the perfect temperature.

      When choosing your spa cover, both types are good choices, but if you live in a warm climate, or your spa is inside, then the insulating spa cover may be an unnecessary extra cost.