Two Barbecue Smoker Design Ideas Two Barbecue Smoker Design Ideas

If you love to eat barbecue, you should have your own barbecue smoker at home. No, you need not spend a lot of money to buy a new smoker. Instead of buying a smoker, you can design and create your own smoker at home. To help you design your homemade barbecue smoker, here are some design ideas for you.

The Portable Barrel Type Smoker

The charcoal fired barrel type barbecue smoker is perhaps the easiest type of smoker to build at home. You can use a recycled steel drum for this project, so you need not spend a lot of money on materials. Many people refer to this type of barbecue smoker as the “ugly drum smoker,” but ugly or not, the barrel type smoker does the work. When making your smoker, use the circumference of a 55-gallon steel drum. To make sure that the steel drum is clean, remove all the contents of the drum, then wash it thoroughly using soap and water. To sterilize the drum, expose the drum to heat. You can do this buy building a fire inside the drum using charcoal to melt away whatever traces of chemicals may be inside the barrel and kill off harmful bacteria.

After cleaning the drum, drill holes around the mouth of the barrel. The holes should follow the circumference of the barrel and should be strategically placed about three inches apart from each other. When you are done drilling holes, attach bolts with washers on the holes, leaving the tip of the bolts protruding into the inside of the barrel. These bolts shall serve as the base to hold your grill grate in position. After attaching the bolts, place the grill grate on top of the protruding bolts, then put your smoker over your fire basket, and you are done.

The Stationary Box Type Smoker

The box type smoker is a bit more complicated to design and create than the barrel type smoker. For one thing, finding an inexpensive ready made steel box can be a bit difficult, so if you cannot find a ready made steel box, your next option is to build your own. When designing your box type smoker, take into consideration the number of people whom you intend to barbecue for. For a small family, a 300 to 500 sq inch box smoker will do nicely. For parties and cookouts, you will need a bigger smoker of about 700 sq inches. To build your box smoker, drill holes on the opposing walls of the box and install bolts with washers. The bolts should be at least three inches apart from each other to be able to hold the grill grates properly.

After making your box smoker, you need to build your charcoal containment. To create a charcoal containment for a barbecue smoker, use bricks to form a box. Once you have your charcoal containment, build a base for your containment. To do this, you need to place four bricks on the ground to form a box. To stabilize the bricks, mix some cement and apply some cement on the bricks to join them together. Add more bricks on top of the original four to create a higher base. After creating your base, place your charcoal basket inside the containment, then put your box smoker on top of the containment.

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