Two Different Types Of Turf Infill Two Different Types Of Turf Infill

The rise in the use of artificial turf and turf infill has resulted in increased interest in types of turf infill.

Rubber Crumb Infill

Rubber crumb infill is created from recycled vehicle tires. The tires are melted and turned into soft rubber pellets that are pressed in between the blades of the synthetic turf.

The advantage of rubber crumb infill is that it offers a soft surface in the turf. This makes injuries less likely to occur—the surface recovers and bounces back as athletes jump up and down and run across the surface of the grass.

Rubber crumb has been considered potentially hazardous because of lead that may remain in the tires from vehicle use. However, technological advancements by recycled rubber producers and artificial turf manufacturers have addressed this problem. Rubber crumb infill is considered extremely safe.

Silica Sand Infill

Silica sand infill is made up of natural silica sand that is usually lightly coated with rubber. As a result, the infill allows for a variable surface that is similar to natural grass, but offers a high level of durability. Silica sand infill is recommended for locations where the synthetic grass will receive a high amount of foot traffic or other use.

In many cases, artificial turf infill can be custom blended for use for a school or athletic field’s specific application and use. Whether choosing between rubber crumb or silica sand infill, keep in mind that both materials are considered safe alternatives to natural grass.

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