Types and Qualities of Pellet Stove Pellets

Pellet Stove pellets can be bought in different brands and varieties. Pellets are used in a special type of stove that burns these pellets instead of regular wood. The pellets are compressed wood or biomass (pieces of biologic material that can be burned.) A limitless material these pellets made from recycled wood scraps and wood shavings have become a very friendly and affordable  way to heat your home. They are used in business and even in schools.

Types of Pellets

Pellet stove pellets come in two types. Premium and standard. The difference is in the amount of inorganic ash that is produced by the burning. The maintenance of the stove is less often when you use the premium pellets. They leave less of the inorganic ash that you have to dispose of. Plus leaves the stove cleaner. There is another type of pellet stove that will burn pellets mad of corn which is becoming very popular.  There are also pellets that are made out of grass. Compressed grass clippings are made into pellets that will mix in or burn alone.  Besides grass pellets there are hay pellets. Made from the dried hay from farm fields they can also be used to burn in these stoves and produce little ash that cannot be disposed of right in your garden or back yard.

Wood Pellets

All wood pellets are not the same even thought they are made from wood. Some are made from hardwood, some from soft. The brands will be different and the pellets will burn differently. Although they are made by basically the same process the source of the sawdust, or shaving, or clippings may be from better sources causing the pellets to burn better and hotter. Also it is have an influence on the amount of ash that is produced and how many times you have to clean your stove over the course of the winter. Not all pellets will burn as hot as others which may be due to the amount of pitch that is left in the pellet. There is no glue holding the pellets together. Rather it is the pitch or sap from the wood itself that is left in the wood as it is extruded and compressed down into the pellet forms.

Regarding Wood Burning Stoves

There are a lot of differences in the pellets produced in Europe and in the United States. In Europe the use of scrap materials that have been treated with urethane, or other products that will give off harmful gases are not allowed to be used in the pellets. In the United States the regulations are not so strict and some controversy has been brought up because of the use of soged sawdust materials that virtually falls apart and does not burn good in the stoves. So when you go to buy your pellets weigh all these together and try to get the best for your money. Better hardwood will burn better and hotter.