Types of Bathtub Fixtures that Reduce Water Heater Usage

There are many different kinds of bathtub fixtures on the market today. Homeowners have thousands of different choices that are available to them. Everything from style, color, material, and water usage are all options to choose from in the world of bathtub fixtures. For a green bathroom homeowners should be looking at those fixtures that save water and money. 

Low Flow Bathtub Fixtures

The new technology that is employed in low flow bathtub faucet fixtures is much improved over what they were ten years ago. Today, these fixtures still have great water pressure while lowering the amount of water used to less than 1 gallon per minute. 

Temperature-Sensitive Fixtures

A new technology that is being used in bathtub fixtures is one that is temperature sensitive. This type of fixture will reduce the amount of hot water that is being used when the water reaches a certain temperature. Not only does this save on hot water, but it also ensures that there is less of a chance of being scalded by hot water.

Wide Mouth Bathtub Fixtures

A cascading fixture which allows a wider berth of water to flow out of the faucet will enable both the tub to fill up and save the amount of water being used by the water heater.