Types of Brick Siding Types of Brick Siding

Brick siding gives the home a brick appearance, and doesn’t require the normal intensity of labor and work needed in putting a house together. It consists of thin layers of bricks that give a brick wall appearance. It is normally applied to concrete or wood surfaces using mortar or adhesive. Listed below are different brick siding types.

Panels Siding

Panels siding consist of large bricks. It is made with synthetic materials and is very light. When constructed, it looks exactly like a brick wall. It is usually installed one brick at a time next to, or above the other bricks.

Interlocking Siding

Installing interlocking siding is the easiest, as a bricklayer is not needed. It is very durable and lightweight. It comes with slots that slide the bricks into each other horizontally or vertically. Application of adhesive and mortar is not required.

Flat Tiles Siding

Flat tiles siding feels and looks like a normal brick. Installing flat tiles siding is the same as installing normal bricks which requires mortar, a mixture of cement, water, sand and lime, to seal the tiles onto each other and wall surfaces. The installation can be a bit complicated for this siding and it is recommended to go to a professional for help if required.

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