Types of Building Cladding to Consider Types of Building Cladding to Consider

There are a number of types of building cladding to consider when looking to control weather elements on the exterior of a building. Cladding is the process of applying one material over another. Cladding can be a combination of different materials including metals and plastics. It is typically installed around windows and doors and is commonly used in roofing construction. It may not necessarily be a weather-proofing substance but could control a weather element.

Composite Siding

Composite siding is a type of cladding used on the exterior of buildings that protects the structure interior from wind, water or other elements. It can also serve an aesthetic purpose available in different materials and textures to meet personal tastes and needs.

Insulated Concrete Forms

These are made from foam insulation and become a permanent part of the structure once the poured concrete cures. They provide an additional layer of protection as insulation and sound absorption for exterior structure walls.

Roof Cladding

This is probably the most recognizable use of cladding in that the roofing materials applied to the roofing membrane (plywood usually) forms a waterproof layer that not only keeps the interior dry, but also directs rainwater off the structure.

Insulation is also a form of cladding.

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