Types of Cleaners Safe to Use with Granite Sealer

It can be hard to find a cleaner that is both eco-friendly as well as safe to use with granite sealer. Here are a few products that can help to narrow down your selection.

Clorox Green Works

Clorox Green Works comes in both spray and wipe form. Its all-purpose cleaner is safe for several surfaces including sealed granite. This product is easy to use as well as eco-friendly and it gives off an amazingly fresh smell that is all natural and chemical free.

Bayes Granite Cleaner

This product is a specific granite cleaner and is great for sealed granite. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly and gentle on your granite surfaces. It dissolves quickly to not only clean the grease and spills off, but to also leave the granite streak and film free.

Take It for Granite

This product not only has a cleaver name, it is also effective and smells fresh. Take It For Granite is eco-friendly and will clean your granite surfaces leaving them streak free.

Each one of these different granite cleaners is safe to use with granite sealer and is eco-friendly. Some of the common main ingredients include purified water, coconut surfactants, biodegradable polymer and glycerin. They are all inexpensive, easy to use and have a natural and fresh smell.