Types of Cleaners that Damage Marble Sealer

If you have marble counter tops and floors in your home or apartment, keep in mind that there are many types of cleaners that damage marble sealer. Many people think that because marble is such a heavy material, its impervious. This is not true.

Household Cleaners

In general, most over the counter household cleaners should never be used on marble. Most are too acidic and will etch the surface, which means it will look cloudy to varying degrees. Once this happens, all you can do to restore the shine is have the surface professionally refinished or replaced.

Cleaners Containing Acid Bases

Cleaners containing lemon or vinegar are especially bad due to their acid base. Never use water and vinegar on marble although its an excellent cleaner for other uses. Don't scour marble with lemon and salt, which is a popular green cleaning technique. The lemon will etch the marble, and the salt will scratch it.

Cleaners Containing Alcohol

Do not use cleaners containing alcohol on marble or any scouring powders or cremes, or even those that are advertised as gentle and usable on any surface. If you want to use any commercial cleaner, the best advice it to purchase one from a store that sells specialty cleaning products or where you purchased the marble.