Types of Composite Wood Deck Finishes Types of Composite Wood Deck Finishes

Your composite wood deck will show signs of wear over time and will need to have a finish applied. You might also decide to apply a finish after you install your composite wood deck in order to protect it.


There are several types of stain available for a composite wood deck. As the deck isn’t wood it needs to be specially formulated to work on a composite wood deck. A number of manufacturers produce stains made for use on composite wood. You will need to clean the deck before applying it. It’s best to use a cleaner made specifically for composite wood to ensure a good deep cleaning.


You can also buy a clear finish for a composite wood deck. This will offer good protection for several years and cut down on wear on the deck. Depending on the deck and the finish it might not stop the deck changing color, although it will protect it from damage by rain and snow. Shop carefully and buy something made for composite wood to ensure the best bonding. Apply according to directions on the can and allow to dry thoroughly before you use the deck. You’ll achieve the best results by applying more than a single thin coat to the composite wood deck.

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