Types of Countertop Edges Types of Countertop Edges

The type of countertop edges found in your home can greatly change the style of the room they are installed in. If you are in the process of shopping for new countertops, you may feel overwhelmed with the many choices available. Here's a quick guide to help you understand some of the edging terms you will encounter.

Straight Edge

These are exactly what they sound like, completely squared all around. These are the most affordable option for countertop edges since they require very little work to create.

Bullnose Edge

Bullnose edging is popular in kitchens and bathrooms, especially for those with children. The edge is rounded to create a more circular edge. This edge can be done to most types of countertop material as well.

Beveled Edge

The beveled edge countertop is more decorative than other types of edging. The edge is beveled towards the top of the counter to create a sharper angle from the end of the counter and the beginning of the edge itself. This can be one of the more expensive finishes.

Rock Edge

A rock edge is a more decorative edge style found mostly on stone countertops. This edge is made in uneven and rough appearances. The result is a mountain-like look. 

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