Types of Curtain Poles

Curtain poles, or curtain rods, keep those curtains up to block out the sun during the day and help you maintain privacy in the home. Curtain poles allow you to hang your curtains wherever you need to add a barrier for privacy. While curtains add a certain amount of warmth to the home, these also add a certain aesthetic appeal. You can also decorate the ends of curtain poles with finials or ends.

Although curtain poles come in different materials and the kind of drapes or curtains you choose will dictate what type you use, you also have to consider where you intend to put the curtain poles. They come in different materials like metal, plastic and wood. The type of curtain poles you choose for the home is only limited by the kind of drapes you choose. As a general rule, the heavier drapes will demand tougher and durable curtain poles.The following are the types of curtain poles available in the market and will help you decide which type to use in a specific area of the home.

Standard Curtain Poles

This type of curtain pole, as the name implies, is the plainest pole you can find. They are normally made of aluminum and are very lightweight. This type is usually hidden from the naked eye since they are inserted into the built-in sleeves of curtains. This type of pole is commonly attached to walls by plates with hooks that support the pole.

Tension Curtain Poles

This type of curtain pole offers the most versatility. Also referred to as spring curtain poles, the tension curtain pole can be found hanging curtains between two walls. The common application for this type of curtain pole is in the bathroom. Depending on your need, the tension curtain pole can be used as an instant way to put up curtains.

Traverse Curtain Poles

This type of curtain pole could be the oldest type in use today. They are used mostly with pinch-pleated draperies and the rods have rope and hangers built into them. Traverse curtain poles are also the choice pole for hanging the heavy drapes. This type is also commonly found in use with pinch pleated drapes which are usually heavy. Some types have built-in hangers and ropes for closing the curtains. Some types can work with mechanisms to draw and close the curtains.

Magnetic Curtain Poles

Being magnetic, this type of rod is the obvious choice for hanging curtains onto metal windows and doors. This saves the home owner the hassle of drilling holes into their metal structures in the home. The homeowner simply attaches the rod at the exact position that he or she wants, where the magnets can cling. This way the integrity of the metal fixtures are preserved.  The magnets used for this type of rod are strong enough to hold up most door curtains. 

Decorative Curtain Poles

These poles add to the physical appeal of the home with their decorative appearance. You can choose from the different varieties and materials available, like metal, wood, plastic and even vinyl. For an extra appeal, you can also attach fine curtain finials to decorate the pole ends.