Types of Door Locks that Cannot Be Picked

When choosing what door locks to install, it is important to take the time to consider the options. After all, your safety and that of your loved ones might be on the line, so there is no reason to take unnecessary risks. That is why you should think about finding locks that cannot be picked.

Digital Locks

A digital lock is exactly what it sounds like — a lock that is operated electronically, with no mechanical key. There are many different kinds of electronic locks, and they all use different methods to keep you secure.

For example, some electronic locks have a keypad and require you to enter a password to unlock your door. Others require you to swipe a key card. Recently, advances in technology have allowed a fingerprint lock — one that only opens for individuals whose fingerprints match those in its memory — to be a practical method of security.

In all of these cases, digital locks have an advantage over mechanical ones, on top of the increased security they provide. Since they are usually controlled centrally, it is much simpler to allow new people access, or deny access to people who you have previously given keys to. The central control can be told to deny a certain passcode, set of fingerprints, or security card.