Types of Doors with High Security Performance Types of Doors with High Security Performance

There are many types of doors. If you’re looking for doors that give a high level of security, however, your choices are more limited. Security eliminates all the hollow core doors, for example. It’s important to know what types of doors give the best security, both to keep burglars out and also against fire.

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors and much heavier than hollow core doors, so they need a solid frame to fit and move properly and to not sag over time. Many people will use solid wood doors both for exterior doors and also as an interior fire door in their homes. They’re easy to fit, as wood can be drilled quite simply. With the right locks, they offer a fair level of security. They can still be broken open by force, however. Among the different types of doors offering security, solid wood doors are the cheapest option, costing a great deal less than metal doors, for example.

Metal Doors

Metal doors are the types of doors most people think of when it comes to security. Not only are they heavy, they’re almost impossible to force. They will need a metal door frame that’s straight and fitted properly into the wall. This will also ensure that the lock will fit properly. Buy the very best lock you can afford for the best security.

Unless you’re very handy, it will be much better to have a professional fit the door to ensure it’s done properly and is truly secure. The cost of metal doors means that you’d only be likely to use them as exterior doors, and this is where you need the greatest security.


In recent years uPVC doors have grown in popularity. That’s understandable. Not only are they cheap, but they offer a good level of security and stop much of the heat escaping from the house.

Like metals doors, uPVC doors require a special frame, and there are special locks for these types of doors. As long as the opening is square the doors will fit very easily, although, make sure that the screws are long enough to give a really secure fit. uPVC doors aren’t as secure as metal doors since they’re much lighter, but they are harder to force than solid wood doors and are certainly more eco-friendly.

Roller Doors

For the ultimate in security, there are always roller doors. However, you’ll usually only see these in stores. They’re made up of metal strips that roll down and are secured in place by the lock or heavy padlock, much like a garage door.

These fit in front of the main door, giving an extra level of security. They’re expensive, although they’re virtually guaranteed to keep thieves out, as they’ll often also be attached to alarms. They’re not something you’d use at home, as the roller doors make exiting the property difficult. However, for security, they’re as good as you’ll find. For home use, though, the other types of doors are your best options for security.

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