Types of Drywall Lifts Types of Drywall Lifts

Drywall lifts are designed to simplify the task of raising heavy wall boards. Drywall boards can range in weight from seventy to eighty pounds. These lift devices raise the board up and hold it in position until it is secured into place. Drywall lifts have wheels, which make it possible to easily move the device around from one location in a room to another. You can purchase or rent them, depending on the amount of time you plan on using them to help you. Be sure to do some comparison shopping before you rent or buy. If your project requires a great deal of time, it may be more cost effective to buy the lift outright than to pay rental fees.

Basic Operation

All types of drywall lifts operate similarly. They lift drywall boards from a flat position to the required placement for the job. These basic lifts have a hand crank and can only position the drywall horizontally.

Heavy Duty Lifts

Stronger drywall lifts use a hydraulic crank to lift the drywall boards. The crank makes the task easier and quicker. These lifts are generally more expensive than other basic drywall lifts.

Battery Operated L

Drywall lifts that are operated by battery require almost no effort to use. These lifts also position drywall for vaulted ceiling applications. Battery operated lifts are the most expensive lifts available.

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