Types of Faux Panels to Decorate with Types of Faux Panels to Decorate with

One of the biggest advantages of using faux panels is that they are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Faux panels are more affordable than natural stone or wooden surfaces and offer equally-impressive aesthetic features. If you are planning to use faux panels for decorating your home, you should be familiar with some basic options available in this niche.

Faux Stone/Faux Rock Panels

Faux rock panels resemble the surface of rocks and natural stones. There are number of variations in the natural shades available among rock faux panels. These panels include limestone and round-stone finish. They almost as durable as natural stone surfaces and much easier-to-repair and maintain. Installing these panels is very easy and the color is created using special pigments like iron oxide pigments that don’t fade over many years. Faux stone panels are often combined with faux brick panels where the brick-like panels are used for creating borders.

Polyurethane Faux Panels

These faux panels are also referred to as foam-based faux panels. There are many variations of faux stone panels prepared from polyurethane. These panels are engineered to resemble brick, wood and natural stone surfaces. These are among the most durable of faux panel choices. They are particularly recommended if you are looking for greater insulation performance from the faux panels.

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