Types of Fertilizer that Work Best with a Compost Accelerator Types of Fertilizer that Work Best with a Compost Accelerator

A compost accelerator can improve the efficiency of your compost pile. When you put accelerator into a compost heap, it will work better with some fertilizers than it does with others. Read on to learn about some of the different types of fertilizer that work best with a compost accelerator.

Green Fertilizer

A green fertilizer is made from plowing certain types of plants, like clover or other leguminous plants. When you use a compost accelerator with this type of fertilizer, make sure that you also mix in some carbon-based materials like wood chips or sawdust. The compost accelerator most likely already has a lot of nitrogen in it. When you mix it with a nitrogen-based fertilizer like plant fertilizer, it can significantly increase the amount of nitrogen in it. This means that you need to watch the nitrogen content so that the compost heap will be balanced in nutrients.

Cow Manure

One of the best types of fertilizer that you can use for combining with compost accelerator is cow manure. This substance is great because cows eat plants as their source of food. This type of manure has a small amount of pathogens in it, which means that it will be able to compost easily and quickly. When you add the compost accelerator to this type of fertilizer, you will have a compost mixture that is very nutrient-rich and great for plants. 

Sheep Manure

Similar to cow manure, sheep manure is another type of fertilizer that works great with this type of compost accelerator. Since sheep eat grass, the waste will not have any negative forms of bacteria in it, and it will break down very easily. Once you add the compost accelerator to the mixture, you should have a winning combination that will work great on your plants.

Manure/Plant Mixture

Another option that you have is to combine animal manure with plants as a fertilizer. When you combine plant manure with manure from an herbivore like a cow or a sheep, you will have the perfect mixture for a compost heap. Once mixed with a compost accelerator, it will give all of the nutrients that you need to make a very effective compost pile.


Even though you could potentially use manure from carnivores, you should try to avoid it. When you use droppings from carnivores like cats and dogs, you may have to treat it before you could put it into the compost pile. This is an unnecessary step that can also make the quality of the compost heap suffer. It is better to stick with manure from herbivores. 

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