Types of Floor Trusses

Floor trusses are use to impart longevity and stability to the house structure.  There are many types of floor trusses that you can choose from. There are 2 main styles for this type of floor truss: parallel or Prat.  Depending on the style, each has its own benefits to the process of construction. 

Pure Wood Truss Flooring

A type of wood flooring where only wood is made used of. This type of flooring makes use of several pieces of lumber to form a flat beam—at the bottom and top--and between these beams are pieces of wood attached to one another, forming triangles, which adds strength and durability to the structure.  Compared to floors with only beams as support, whose flooring tends to creak noisily, this structure makes flooring that is stable, secure and can even hold ceramic tiling.

Hybrid Floor Trusses

This type of truss has components made up of steel and wood. The steel is used in joints, to add stability to the structure, especially when used in multiple storey buildings. The presence of the steel as part of the component of the truss also enhances the capacity of the truss to resist weathering and moisture penetration. This type of floor truss is often preferred, due to these features but you have to allot a slightly larger budget, when choosing this type of floor truss.