Types of Garage Floor Tiles

Installing garage floor tiles can help convert your garage into a more enjoyable space in which to work. Many garages are dirty, dingy, and dark. By installing some nice garage floor tiles, you can convert it into a usable space. There are now many different options that you could consider for a garage floor and they all have some benefits. Here are a few popular choices for garage floor tiles that you could look at. 

Wooden Tiles

One option that a lot of people are going with are wooden tiles. These tiles are often called wooden deck tiles as well. However, they are also great inside garages. With wooden deck tiles, you get a walking layer that is made out of pieces of wood. They use several different species of wood, so you can get many different looks with this product. Underneath the wood is a plastic track that holds everything together. These plastic tracks have a locking mechanism on the side that allows you to lock it into the next tile. This makes for an extremely simple installation process. You just lay the tile down on the ground and then hook it into the tiles around it. These tiles are good with moisture, very durable, and a great option for you to consider for your garage overall.

Plastic Garage Tiles

One of the most popular choices for garage flooring are plastic tiles. There are many different brands and types of plastic floor tile out there for you to choose from. They are very quiet underfoot but can withstand quite a bit of punishment in a harsh garage. Some of them can withstand up to 50,000 pounds of pressure without being damaged. Therefore, you should be able to drive nearly anything on them if you want to.

One of the big draws to this product is that you can create a completely customized look on your garage floor. Many people make a checker board pattern out of two different colors. This allows you to use many different colors to create any look that you want. You could even install them diagonally or create a variety of other patterns. This type of flooring is also very good with water as well. 

The installation on this type of product is usually quite simple. The tiles typically feature a locking system similar to what you get with the wood tiles. You just lay the tiles down and adjoin them to the other tiles to install them. 

Rubber Garage Tiles

Rubber is another substance that garage tiles are commonly made out of. Rubber tiles are also very durable and a great choice to use in the garage. Rubber tiles are extremely resilient and will not be damaged by anything driving on them. You can drop your tools on them, roll carts across, and do anything else that you need to do. They are extremely tough and will stay looking like new for years.