Types of Garage Shelving

There are several types of garage shelving available for keeping your garage organized and de-cluttered. Organizing your garage doesn't just help you keep things clean, but safe also by keeping tools and equipment out of your way. Depending on what it is you are going to store on them, you might have several different types of shelving in your garage. Before heading out to shop for the materials you will need, and the shelves themselves, take some time to think about what types of material you are going to putting on your shelves.

Garage Shelving Comes in Many Different Styles
Tools, car accessories, tabletop woodworking equipment, paint cans, wood, sports equipment, children's toys, and everything in between are stored in garages. They all require different types of garage shelving for safe, organized storage. Each different style of shelving material has its own special benefits as well as problems.

Wooden Shelves

Wood shelves are generally less expensive and easier to work with than other types of shelving material. The most common type of wood shelving is some type of hardwood like oak or maple, but many people will opt for 3/4 inch plywood or chip board. Hardwoods can be expensive though, but the trade off in strength can be worth the extra expense. Softwoods, like pine, are easily warped under heavy loads and will break after time. Wood shelves are a great option for smaller, lightweight tools and equipment, but should be avoided for heavier items.

Metal Shelves
Metal shelves can give you the added strength for storing heavy tools, gallon paint cans, and car parts. Garage shelving from metal are also a little more expensive and less workable than wood. For the most part, metal shelves make a great shelving material for heavy items and non-customizable situations.

Wire Shelves
Wire shelves are also very durable, and quite inexpensive as far as metal shelving is concerned, but are not a great choice for small items. Wire shelves are usually in a mesh pattern with holes, and spaces, between the small metal rods that make up the shelf itself. Wire shelves are a great option for storing items such as paint cans, and parts bins.

Adjustable Rail Shelves
Adjustable shelves are fixed onto a system of hangers that allow the freedom to move them, rearrange them, and position them according to the size of the items you are storing. These are most commonly made of metal, so storing large, bulky items such as tabletop woodworking tools, car parts, and wood is made more convenient.

Self Enclosed Storage Shelves
Not all garage shelving needs to be exposed. Self enclosed storage is most commonly referred to as cabinets. You can find these in a variety of sizes and can be hung from the wall or free standing. Self enclosed storage can also be pre-fabricated out of wood or metal, or can be custom built to fit your needs. If you have toxic items like fertilizers, oils, thinners, stains, and other type of combustible or poisonous liquids or materials then a self enclosed shelving unit is highly recommended.

Garage shelving comes in many different styles, shapes, and price ranges. Choosing the right one for your needs will help you keep your work area safe, organized, and clutter free.