Types of Granite Edges Types of Granite Edges

When you lay a granite countertop, it is important to pay particular attention to the granite edges as there are a multitude of different styles available. Consider the following as you plan your granite countertop.


Bullnose is a popular choice that comes in several variations. Full bullnose is a rounded granite edge resembling a semi-circle, while double bullnose has rounded corners but a straight edge. Radius bullnose has a rounded corner at the top, a straight edge and a square corner at the bottom.

Waterfall Edge

The waterfall edge is sometimes referred to as the demi bullnose. It is one large curve shaped like a quarter of a circle.


Similar to the bullnose, the bevel as a lot of different variations. It looks like a straight slice out of the granite, and the angle of the slice determines whether it is a quarter bevel, a half bevel or a reverse bevel.

Ogee and Cove Ogee

A bit fancier, the ogee has an S-shaped curve, only the S is tilted backwards slightly. The cove ogee looks more like a curvy W.

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