Types of Interlocking Rubber Flooring Types of Interlocking Rubber Flooring

Interlocking rubber flooring is a type of flooring made from rubber. It is a very versatile product and can be installed in several types of locations such as playgrounds, gyms, pet areas, and garages. Here are some of the types of interlocking rubber flooring.

Recycled Rubber

Recycled rubber flooring is eco-friendly and made from old tires, plastic bottles and other consumer waste. These are made in several different ways, including different textures and thickness. These can be used in places like gyms or garages where they want flooring that provides a surface that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

One variation of these types of tiles is the kind produced by recycled crumb rubber and painted to look like rainbow colors. These are used on playgrounds to pad the ground and make it safer for children.

Foam Rubber Tiles

Interlocking rubber flooring is made out of foam to make a softer surface than some of the other types. These types of tiles are excellent for playrooms because they are easy on a child’s body.

Athletic Type Rubber Flooring

This type of interlocking rubber flooring is made to be slip resistant and to absorb shock. They are used on gym floors to pad exercise machines. They are harder and stronger than some of the other types of rubber flooring. These are some of the sturdiest of rubber flooring.

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