Types of Marble Flooring Types of Marble Flooring

Marble flooring adorns and adds elegance to the house. Marble is a strong material used for building that is made from natural stone. Although it looks similar to quartz or granite, this one is more widely used not only for its durability, but also for the wide array of colors and finishes that it provides. Read on to learn about the 3 most common types of marble flooring.

Polished Marble

The most common type of flooring is the polished marble. It has a shiny and smooth surface that gives off a mirrored effect similar to that of a polished wooden floor. Its beauty is its main benefit, but this type of flooring can be expensive and will require high maintenance. It is also more slippery than other types.  

Honed Marble

With honed marble, the marble tile is not deeply polished and thus not as appealing as polished marble. The matte finish is more advantageous for use in areas with high walking traffic as it is less susceptible to wear and tear. Since the finish is matte, it is also not as slippery.

Tumbled Marble

Marble that is tumbled with sand and aggregate has a smooth and authentic look. It recalls ancient marble statues that you would find in ruins and museums. This type has a soft and rounded texture that is also resistant to skids. The disadvantage is that it is porous and highly prone to wear and tear. 

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