Types of Popular Backyard Putting Green Mowers

Putting green mowers are highly specialized. They need to cut the grass to a height of 3/16 inch, which is much lower than the average lawn. Unlike regular mowers, there needs to be a much higher rate of cut. The ideal putting green mowers are reel mowers. They need to have 11 blades on the cylinder compared to the 5 you find on most mowers.

Professional Mowers

Professional putting green mowers are designed for heavy commercial work—that’s why the major courses use them. The problem is that they’re priced accordingly, costing at least $6,000, far beyond the budget average homeowner's budget. They’re built to be durable workhorses and are really more mower than a home putting green requires.

Used Mowers

You can find used professional putting green mowers. These will have been been extensively used before they’re put on sale, which means you might end up having to perform frequent repair work. Prices will vary according to the condition of the mower.

Home Putting Green

Some companies do make putting green mowers strictly for domestic use. They’re also relatively pricey, starting at close to $2,000 for a push model. A power mover is more expensive still, but will last for many years.