Types of Rock Climbing Carabiners

Climbing Carabiners are one of the basic tools of rock climbing enthusiasts. These are the aluminum alloy clips that are used to secure items. Although the lighter weight aluminum carabiners are used by most climbers, climbing instructors still prefer to use the heavier steel ones. These clips are purpose made and come in many shapes and forms with each being designed for a specific task. A rock climber always seems festooned with clips hanging around their body. When purchasing these climbing carabiners, you need to make sure you buy the correct items as not everyone is used in rock climbing.

Types of Climbing Carabiners

The D shape is the first on our list. This type is split into two sub types namely asymmetrical and symmetrical. When looking at the asymmetrical climbing carabiners you will see that they have larger openings at the clip or gate end. As a result they don’t give you as much room but they are significantly easier to attach. These are used for attaching yourself when you are belaying as well as when you are going to be top roping. A screw is there to be able to securely tighten them.
The D shaped symmetrical is used when you are top or lead climbing.

The Oval Shaped Carabiner

This item is not as strong as its counterpart and is considered harder to attach than other shapes. The oval shape tends to weaken them but they have their uses.

Locking Gate Shaped Type

As these climbing carabiners lock, they prevent the catch or gate from releasing accidentally. The shape of these can be any of the oval asymmetrical or symmetrical shapes. The locking type carbiners tend to be used in situations where you are going to be laying or if you need to create an anchor point. This type usually has a straight gate.

The Thin Wire Type Of Carabiners

This carabiner is distinctly different in that it is thin and has a large catch gate mechanism and because it is so thin it gives you extra space.

A Straight Gate Carabiner

This is the most popular of the carabiner as they have many uses in many situations. Climbers always have one or more of these.

Concave Carabiner

The concave curve of the bent gate gives you extra room and enables you to clip it far more easily.

Quick Draws

These types of carabiners allow you a quick release and consist of two carbiners that are not locked. They are connected by webbing and attached to bolt anchors as a form of protection and to allow a rope to slide though with less friction.

While there are many types of carabiners on the market you must ensure that the ones you are purchasing are intended for rock climbing and not for an industrial purpose.

At the end of the day you have many choices and you need to make your purchases on your own needs of climbing carabiners.