Types of Scaffolding

Tiler covering roof with new tile

There are several different types of scaffolding that you can consider for the project at hand. Here is a look at the types of scaffolding that are available to you.

Independent or Birdcage Scaffold

This type of scaffold has two or more rows worth of vertical poles, also known as standards that are connected using horizontal pieces or transoms and ledgers. The purpose of this type of scaffold is to be used on a single level, such as a ceiling.

Single Pole Scaffold

This type of scaffold contains only a single row of poles or standards, and it happens to be completely dependent on the structure it is being placed against to gain the support that it needs.

Suspended Scaffold (Swing Stage)
This type of scaffold can be raised and lowered with a suspended platform. This type of scaffold is used for window washing, window replacement and other similar purposes.

Cantilever Scaffold
This type of scaffold is attached at one end or supported at one end only.

There are obviously numerous types of scaffolding to choose from and numerous variations to these as well. Choosing the appropriate scaffold for your project is vitally important to your success.