Types Of Spider Lillies You Can Grow

Spider lilies have become popular in many gardens because they come in so many varieties. This allows for ornate presentations of colors, style, and shapes of bulbs for your home garden. They are also popular because they can bloom in the fall and stay green well into the winter, as opposed to other flowers which bloom primarily in the spring. The following are common types of spider lilies that can be easily grown:

  • White Spider Lilies. These lilies have white blooms and long, spindly leaves that are star-shaped. This type of blossom has a united stamen that connects to the stalk for a portion of its length.
  • Green Spider Lilies. Common along streams and rivers in tropical areas, this types of spider lily is very similar to the white spider lily, except that it ranges in color from light to vibrant green.
  • Lycoris Lilies. These types of spider lilies are commonly red and are often found in southern Asia and Japan. Their leaves are long and more slender than other types of spider lilies, making them very common as decorative plants.

While these three are the most common types of spider lilies, there are hundreds of sub-genuses under these three.