Types of Vessel Sinks Made from Eco-Friendly Materials

Finding the right materials to make your sinks from can be difficult when living an eco-friendly life, but installing some vessel sinks can help you to be more environmentally friendly. These types of sink have become very popular in recent years, and fitting one of these into your eco-friendly home will help you to be fashionable, but still green. Vessel sinks are usually shaped rather like large washing-up bowls which are permanently installed in your kitchen, rather than being plastic as most modern washing-up bowls are. Vessel sinks can be bought in a variety of different materials, so you can easily find one which will suit your needs, and you will be able to obtain ones which are environmentally friendly without too much trouble.

Stone Vessel Sinks

The most common types of eco-friendly vessel sinks are made from stone or metal. Natural stone can be bought locally, rather than mined many miles away, so you can get cheap material which has a reduced carbon footprint. You may be able to find stone sinks made of marble or granite, but there tend to be very expensive, and you might choose ones made of slate, or a local rock. Some of these stones may be porous, so consider whether you need the sink to be sealed before making a purchase. Vessel sinks can also be made from recycled stone.

Copper Vessel Sinks

Another item which can be made from recycled material is a copper sink. These types of vessel sinks are very popular, so you might have to pay more for these types of sink than for a different material. Copper can be recycled or adapted to be turned into a suitable sink for your home, but you need to look at the metal which the sink is being made from, as poor grades of copper will deteriorate over time.

Glass Vessel Sinks

Of all the materials which you can make your vessel sinks from, recycled glass is probably one of the best, and easiest to obtain. If you are looking for a suitable fabric to make sinks from, then a thickened bowl made of glass could be perfect. Using glass which is reconstructed to form a sink will also be more environmentally friendly than making it from materials such as metal or stone.

Ceramic Vessel Sinks

Ceramics such as porcelain are the most commonly used type of material in sink manufacture, but if you are looking for one which is environmentally friendly, then ceramics may not be for you. Most porcelain and similar material is made from an earth product which has to be mined out of the ground. This is often done in the Far East, so by the time the material hits the shores of America, it already has a large carbon footprint. One solution to this problem is to choose recycled porcelain, but this can be very expensive, and you may decide to use other materials which are more suitable, such as glass or stone.