Types of Vinyl Siding Styles Types of Vinyl Siding Styles

Whatever look you want to give the exterior of your home, you have numerous vinyl siding styles from which to choose from. Not only is vinyl siding weatherproof and practically maintenance free, but it is also produced to resemble just about any type of natural siding at a fraction of the cost. Available in just about any color and shape, vinyl siding is easy to install, and it requires far less upkeep than traditional siding. One downside is that it is difficult to paint, so once you choose a color you are stuck with it. That is a small price to pay, however, for siding that only needs to cleaned once per year and might very well last your entire life. 

Vinyl Siding Styles

If you have a style in mind for the outside of your home, chances are there is a vinyl substitute for it. Do you want cedar siding without the maintenance and cost? There is vinyl cedar siding. What about giving your home a rustic log cabin look? That too can be accomplished with vinyl. Listed here are the primary types of vinyl siding. 

  • Cedar Siding: Not only do you get the look of real cedar siding with vinyl, you can choose from an assortment of colors. There is almost no maintenance you have to do with vinyl siding other than wash it from time to time. Real cedar has to be weatherized every few years, attracts woodpeckers and costs a lot to buy and install. Vinyl, on the other hand, is much more affordable and will last for decades.
  • Board and Batten Siding: Another possible look is called board and batten siding. Often found on older barns, it is the placement of wide boards with interspersed narrow strips between. They can be installed horizontally or vertically. Because it is vinyl, you enjoy the same benefits as with cedar siding.

  • Beaded Siding: This is a very traditional type of siding that creates a horizontal bead between each piece, hence the name. It is perhaps the most common type of vinyl siding.

  • Insulated Siding: Insulated siding is usually made to resemble cedar siding, but it is insulated to help keep outdoor noise out. Insulated vinyl siding also makes a home more efficient with its energy use.

  • Half Round Siding: An attractive vinyl alternative is called half round siding. Often seen on older or historic homes, this type of siding is rounded along the bottom edge, creating a very unique look for the outside of your home.

  • Log Siding: Most often found in the countryside or on homes surrounded by woods, vinyl log siding is made to resemble a log finish. With different wood grains and colors to choose from, vinyl log siding creates a very specific look without the expense and upkeep. 

Vinyl siding is the way to go when you want a near maintenance-free exterior to your home and when you don’t want to spend a fortune installing traditional siding. It may not be the choice for architectural purists, but considering how well it holds up and its cost, it makes sense for anyone on a budget.

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