Types Of Water Heaters

Choosing from the types of water heaters available can be a confusing chore if you aren’t aware of all the choices available. Here is a helpful breakdown of the possibilities.


Gas water heaters are popular due to their quick recovery time and that they can be more economical to run than
electric heaters. Although a little more expensive than electric, energy savings may make these a wise economic choice. The best choice in a gas heater is one that has an electronic ignition that automatically lights the burners without having to keep a standing pilot light.


An oil-fired hot water heater offers similar fast recovery times as the gas units. Unfortunately, oil units need a lot more maintenance than either gas or electric units. An advantage over gas is the elimination of a pilot light because in an oil unit, the burner automatically lights when the water heater thermostat detects water below the required setting.


Electric heaters are the most popular, cheapest and easiest to install. However, the cost to operate a kilowatt of power keeps increasing every year and is now more costly to operate than gas or oil.


Tankless hot water systems can be powered by gas or electric but do not require a storage unit or tan, thus the term “tankless.” Instead, hot water is provided on demand when a faucet opens. Water is “instantly” heated and delivered.