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Precision Tools Safety Tips

  • Avoid dropping any precision measuring tool. They are calibrated to close tolerances, and any impact may affect their accuracy.
  • Remember to keep any precision measuring tool in its case if it comes with one


  • Tool consisting of two curved pieces of metal that are joined at one end with a pivot that has a screw to adjust the distance between the two pieces.
  • Used for transferring measurements from a model or prototype to a part being produced.
  • Can also be used to measure the inside or outside of holes or objects that cannot be reached easily with a graduated measuring device.
  • Common models include inside and outside calipers.

Dial Calipers

  • Tool used for measuring inside and outside diameters of cylinder-shaped objects, such as drill bits and pipe.
  • Dial readout provides accurate measurements in 1/64” or .01”.
  • Metric models are also available.
  • Other models include vernier calipers, which don’t have a dial and require the user to read from measurements on linear scale, and electronic digital calipers, which have a digital display readout


  • A caliper shaped like the letter “P” used for close tolerance work on tools such as drill presses and lathes.
  • These devices can make inside, outside and depth measurements to within .001".

Pitch Gauge

  • Used to determine the exact thread pitch needed for replacing screws and nuts

Stud Finder

  • Stud finders are devices that help locate wall studs, enabling customers to hang pictures, mirrors and shelves securely.
  • Come in two basic types—electronic, which finds the stud by measuring the density of the wall, and magnetic, which detects nails and/or metal studs in the wall.
  • In addition to wood and metal studs, some advanced electronic stud finders will locate pipe, conduit, electrical wires and even reinforcing bar buried up to 6” in concrete.

Precision Tools PRO Corner

  • Many new features exist for electric stud finders that can allow pro customers to detect rebar in concrete, detect hot AC wiring behind walls and even find the exact center of a stud.
  • Technology has improved for many precision measuring tools, and products such as digital readouts for dial calipers make a pro’s job easier than ever before

Courtesy of NRHA.org

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