What to Know About Wallpaper Chemicals What to Know About Wallpaper Chemicals

Wallpaper Primer

  • Helps to ensure an ideal surface before hanging wallpaper to resist peeling.
  • Prevents damage to drywall by binding and sealing surface.
  • Also blocks dark colors and patters from showing through paper.
  • Has superior bonding properties so there is no need for deglossing previously painted surfaces.
  • Generally comes in a water-based acrylic formulation.

  • Wallpaper Activator Adhesive

  • Ready-to-use product that promotes adhesion and acts as a wetting agent.
  • Gives excellent slip for matching patterns.
  • Helps prevent seam pops.
  • Eliminates water trays.

  • Wallpaper Paste

  • Enables wallpaper to adhere to wall.
  • Water soluble, so cleans up with soap and water.
  • Special formulas designed for boarders where vinyl to vinyl adhesion is needed.
  • Some have tinting agent that ensures complete coverage.
  • Be sure to check the kind of paper before you sell the paste. Some coverings require wheat paste, while others use liquid vinyl adhesive or a vinyl paste.

  • Wallpaper Removers

  • A liquid spray-on solution that uses enzymes to break down the paste and destroy its adhesive strength.
  • Also available in a water-based gel formulations that can be applied with a brush or roller.
  • Courtsey of NRHA.org

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