Typical Construction Types for A-Frame Houses

A-frame houses get their name from their large triangular roofing construction, which is in the shape of the letter "A". A-frame houses are typically used as second homes or vacation rentals, as they provide smaller living space than the more traditionally designed homes. They also allow the designers to build large windows in both the front and back, making them ideal for homes in sunny climates.

Construction of A-Frame Houses

A-frame houses usually offer split-level living styles. If there is intended to be a second floor, the construction of these rooms must allow for the significant sloping of the roof. Most A-frame houses are built in loft-like designs so that there is a second floor available, but the center of the house is still open, to accent the A-frame construction.

A-frame houses can also be built from natural materials, making them a preferred choice of those who choose to live in sustainable or green-living style. The A-frame is considered to be more efficient due to its construction from stone or wood.

A-frame houses are often constructed to allow the house to be protected against cold and excessive heat, but the loft-like design of some A-frame houses can mean a lack of privacy, and sometimes they are difficult to thoroughly warm.