Typical Finishes for Casement Window Hardware Typical Finishes for Casement Window Hardware

There are many great places to look for unique and unusual casement window hardware. You can add different hardware components that will add to the style of your home and decor. There are many reasons to change your window hardware, you may be going through a renovation and need to update the look of your windows or your casement hardware may no longer be functioning well. Below are several different finishes for the casement window hardware.

Casement Window Latch Finishes

The casement window latches come in a variety of shapes, sizes and style. A casement window latch can be found in a brass or iron finish. Choose the latch that best fits with your overall home decor.

Casement window latches also are available in different sizes and types for every type of window. Some styles you can choose from are parliament, which is an extended hinge, ball tipped and steeple tipped. Casement Windows usually come with a bullet hinge that is a standard hinge. They also can come in stainless steel or friction hinges. 

Casement Window Stay Finishes 

Casement window stays are used for locking the window. You can purchase solid brass stays if you are looking for a long lasting product. They also come in black, white, bronze or zinc. Casement windows usually have a peg stay. This allows the sash of the window to open.

Casement Window Operators and Their Finishes

Casement window operators which are used to open and shut the window also can be made of aluminum, can come in a white finish, bronze finish, zinc finish or even brass, they also come in different shapes and sizes.

Lock and Bar Types 

The lock and bar are and added feature to a casement window. They come with one sash which activates the bar and has up to four locking positions. The standard colors are white, or canvas and finishes, which include bright brass. Antique brass, polished chrome, brushed chrome, satin nickel, distressed nickel, rubbed bronze and distressed brass are other finishes offered.

Handles for casement windows generally come in polished brass and antique brass but also can be available in black, oil rubbed brass, pewter, nickel, chrome, brushed nickel, brushed chrome.

Sills and Thresholds

Sills come in a few finishes. They come in wood that is pre-finished aluminum and bronze. Thresholds are usually available in aluminum or solid brass or can be plated to what you need.

A Few Tips

Below you will find a few other things to consider:

    • If you are ordering hardware pre-finished items, they will probably have been sprayed with water based paint and coated at least three times. 
    • Wood hardware could be either sand blasted or texture brushed with a wood finish.
    • Aluminum hardware can have a powder coating applied to them.
    • Bronze finishes also can be available in different applied colors.

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