Typical Life Span of a Radiant Heat Mat

In any room where a cold floor makes feet uncomfortable, a radiant heat mat may be the answer. Installed under tile, stone, or other types of floors, they heat the floor so feet can stay warm without slippers. This is particularly helpful in bathrooms, where feet are often bare. Stepping out of the shower is much nicer when the floor isn't cold. The cost of running radiant heat mats is often about the same as for the lighting in the same room. Thermostats turn off the mats when they are not needed, and it is usually possible to turn them off when the home owners are traveling.

General Heat

Radiant heat mats are not designed to replace the general heating system of a house, but many people report that they can use the central heat less when they have mats installed.

How Long Do They Last?

Once properly installed, radiant heat mats last many years. Manufacturers offer warranties as long as 25 years. The mats are under the tile or stone of the floor so they are built to last as long as the floors themselves. Sometimes the warranty for mats under engineered wood floors and some others is shorter than for tile and stone floors.