Ultra-Modern Style Interior Design Process

Design Process is very important as it helps you to plan exactly what you need to do around your house. Modern design is very popular at the moment and includes glass tables, marble, granite and floating ceilings. There are some important things to consider whenever you are planning these ultra-modern designs.

Creating a modern design for your room will help to rejuvenate any house and bring it up to date.


No matter what type of decor you are using, planning is very important. You must accurately measure the size of your room. Draw a scale diagram of your room clearly showing where all the windows and doors are. You can then use this diagram whenever you are designing your room.

Planning Tips

When planning a modern designed you may struggle to understand how different pieces of furniture will fit in your room. To get your head around this you can draw a scale diagram of your room. Then draw scale models of your furniture on pieces of paper, these can then be moved around the room until you are confident that everything fits. Remember to consider the way that the door opens and how much space it will take up.

Types of Modern Design

Modern design encompasses a number of different types of design ideas. These include glass tables, glass floors and floating roofs. There are a few different types of modern design looks, including minimalist designs, and bohemian modern looks which are much busier.

Room Size

Modern room design is suitable for all types of different room sizes. It can be adapted to suit small rooms, but it is also suitable for huge rooms. The designs are often uncluttered and clean, this can make any small room look much bigger than it really is.

Purpose of the Room

Whenever you are planning the room you should consider the purpose of the room. Most modern rooms have a number of different uses. You should think about each of these uses when planning the design as it will ensure that the room works together properly. Modern pieces of furniture work well together with modern room designs. These pieces of furniture serve the same function as more conventional furniture but fit in with the modern design.

Most modern rooms feature open planned designs, this means that we are all using our houses in a different way to a few decades ago. Modern furniture used with this open plan design can work exceptionally well.

Personal Touches

Whenever you're using modern designs you can be as personal as you want to be, there's no reason why you have to stick to the common designs that the experts like. Many people like the crispness and cleanness of the minimalist modern designs, however other people want to bring some warmth into the room. This can be done by incorporating rugs and extra colors into the rooms decor.

Decorating any room is something that's very personal. Don't simply copy something out of a book or magazine, instead you should improve it depending on your own opinions.