Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Equipment: Basic Information

In order to have an ultrasonic blind cleaning done, there is specific equipment that needs to be purchased.

Below are a couple pieces of equipment that are essential for ultrasonic blind cleaning.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

The first, and probably most obvious piece of equipment that is used is the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

This is a large machine that contains a tank. The tank holds a cleaning mixture with water. Items are placed into this machine, and the machine is turned on. When the machine is turned on the sound waves make the water move rapidly, which in turn cleans the blinds that are placed in there with great detail.

Vacuum with Hand Held Attachments

Another very important piece of equipment is a vacuum. This vacuum needs to have several different attachments that use by hand.

This is important for getting rid of any debris and dirt that may be present on the blinds, before you do any deep cleaning.

Cleaning and Drying Solutions

One of the last things you will need is solutions that are used for cleaning and drying of the blinds. You will need the cleaning solution to use in the machine, as well as any drying agents that will be used after the blinds are removed.

The above three things are probably the most important pieces of equipment to purchase for your job of cleaning blinds.