Unblock a Sink without Causing Damage Unblock a Sink without Causing Damage

If you need to unblock a sink without causing too much damage, then you will need to know how to get rid of the blockage easily and quickly. There are many ways in which you can unblock your sink, but some of these are risky, and may cause damage to the plumbing, such as removing the P-trap at the bottom of the tailpiece. Putting this back together again may not be as good as just leaving it alone. In order to get the sink cleared, you should take some simple steps to finish this task without harming the sink.

Use Chemicals

The most simple way to move stuff from your sink is to use a drain cleaner. These kinds of cleaners are probably not suitable for use with sinks which are made from expensive metals, or which are easily corroded, but for your ordinary ceramic or aluminum sink, they are perfect. Take some of the drain cleaner, and pour it down the sink which needs to be unblocked. The chemicals in the product are designed to remove layers of dirt and grease, and this will remove the blockage, even if very slowly. If you are concerned about how much damage you are likely to do to your sink, use a milder version available from supermarkets, otherwise choose a hearty brand that will get the job done.

Use a Pole

Cleaning out a blocked sink can be messy work, but if your sink is blocked near to the top of the plug hole, then you should be able to scrape some of it out using a kitchen utensil. Although all kinds of implements can be used, even butter knives, you might instead use a garden stick, designed to help young plants grow, or an unwanted chopstick. Plastic drinking straws are also good at pushing aside blockages. Simply feed the item through the drain of the plug hole, and push it through the blockage. You should then be able to get rid of your problem quickly and easily.

Use a Drain Snake

If the problem with the sink is far down the pipe, and you have no way of reaching in and getting the blockage out through the plug hole, then you should consider removing the sink flange, and feeding in a drain snake. There is usually a large screw at the centre of the plug which will release the flange, and then you can feed the drain snake down. This can be moved simply by turning on the motor. It will grab hold of the blockage and pull it up.

Use a Plunger

If your sink is still full of water, and you can't even see the sink flange or plug hole, let alone feed things down the pipe, then you will need to lift the blockage away using a plunger. These can be a bit rough on delicate metals, but so long as you handle them carefully, there should be no real problems.

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