Unclogging Your Drain Quick: How to Use an Electric Drain Snake

What You'll Need
Electric drain snake
Blocked drain
Rubber gloves
Drain cleaner

If you need to fix your drains quickly, then you should consider using an electric drain snake. These snakes are metal cables that can be twisted into the drain in order to clear anything which is blocking the drain, and which often feature an auger at the other end to winch it in and out. The use of these snakes is not limited to a professional, so if you want to use an electric drain snake to get the clog out of your drain, then you can manage it yourself in a few spare hours. The electric drain snake can be bought from local retailers, or you may choose to rent one if you have a serious problem with a blocked drain.

Step 1 - Prepare the Drain

Before you begin to use the drain cleaner, you should plug the electric snake into an available socket. Some electric drain snakes can be recharged, which saves trailing your electric cable all over the garden or pathway. You should put on a pair of rubber gloves, and then add a small cupful of drain cleaner into the water of the blocked drain. Give it a little time to work before you begin using the drain snake. It may also be a good idea to loosen the drain as much as possible before inserting the snake.

Step 2 - Add the Electric Drain Snake

When ready, you should then place the end of the drain snake down into the drain hole. You may be able to use automatic feed options with your snake, which will help you to move the end into the drain. If you are forcing it down manually, you may notice some resistance, but this is normal, so keep working at the drain. When using the automatic feed system, you should remember to place some of the cable down into the drain before using the feed, otherwise the electric drain snake cable will simply pile up at the entrance without going anywhere.

Step 3 - Feeding the Snake Down

Slowly, the snake will progress through the drain towards the clog. You will be able to feel when the blockage has been reached, as the snake will be moving a lot more slowly. The blockage may be forced down further into the drain, or even become entangled with the snake, so you should move the snake backwards and forwards a little to loosen the blockage.

Step 4 - Removing the Snake

When the blockage has been freed, you will need to move the snake out of the drain. Do this by setting the feed switches to reverse, and holding the electric body down while the cable is pulled upwards. Be careful not to pull the electric drain snake upwards too quickly, as this will bring the end up very sharply, flinging debris and drain water all over the area. You should take care to clean the snake and the surrounding area to make sure that there is no blockage from the drain left on the snake.